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Staff absence management

Appropriate management of staff with health problems often involves balancing the needs of the individual with the needs of the business. It is often helpful to have a specialist occupational health opinion to assist management deal with absence from work attributed to illness.


• A full report is provided after each consultation. The report covers the employee’s condition, answers the questions posed in the referral form and any other issues the OH specialist believes would be helpful in managing the case.

• We advise on appropriate rehabilitation, phased returns or redeployment if applicable.

• Where appropriate we advise on the occupational health aspects of Health & Safety and Disability Discrimination legislation

When dealing with staff absences, it's important to remember the result has to be fair to the employee and your company. That's why having an occupational health specialist on hand can be so helpful. We can advise on rehabilitation, phased returns, and redeployments. We'll also ensure you comply with legislation including disability discrimination legislation.

Dealing with staff absenteeism

It's important that you know that your prospective employees are healthy enough to do the job they're about to undertake. That's why we provide in-depth medical testing and screening. It will be tailored to meet the requirements of your particular business.

Pre-employment assessments

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