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Health screening for your employees

You want to minimise the risk of health damage for your employees. Health screening by Blackwell Associates Ltd allows you to do just that. We provide a wide range of tests, including voluntary screening for blood pressure, cholesterol and more. When your staff are healthy, they'll be happy.


Having established your company’s health surveillance requirements, we can carry out health surveillance assessments. This may include for example hearing, lung function and eye-sight tests.

• Questionnaire (skin, respiratory, hearing, musculo- skeletal, night worker, fork lift truck)

• Audiometric assessments

• Respiratory assessments

• Physical examination

• Health assessments

Does your business have particular factors that could be hazardous to health, for example noisy environments or chemical production? If so, it's essential that appropriate health screenings are carried out. We carry out physical, respiratory and health assessments. Our range of tests are comprehensive and thorough.

Health surveillance for at-risk groups

Your directors are vital to the continued success of your business, so it's important to monitor their health. Our experts in occupational medicine will provide screenings and interviews at times to suit you, minimising disruption.

Executive medicals

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• Blood pressure

• Height/weight/body mass index

• Urinalysis

• Cholesterol testing Glucose testing

• Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) levels

Voluntary health screening

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