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Absentence management

Want to manage staff absenteeism effectively so that it does not affect your business's productivity? Contact Blackwell Associates for professional help. Our services are available across Northern Ireland.  We aim tp provide accurate, helpful and timely advice in accordance with currently professional guidelines to help ensure the health of those at work, and to assist the continued employment of those with disabilities. 

Managing your staff’s health issues 

As a business owner or manager, balancing the needs of your employees with the needs of your business is highly important. Appropriate management of staff can reduce absenteeism and improve productivity remarkably. It is often helpful to have a specialist occupational health opinion to assist the management in dealing with absence from work, attributed to illness.   All our occupational health team have a wide range of expertise nd experience in meeting your particular requirements.

Contact us for a robust plan to manage absenteeism. 


Absence management

Attendance management and fitness for work assessments will include history, examiation, and screening tests as appropriate with a full written report.  This report covers the employees' condition and answers the questions related to many issues caused due to the poor health condition of your employees. Our OH specialist will offer you all possible solutions to handle the issue effectively by advising on appropriate rehabilitation, phased returns or redeployment, if applicable. Our result will be fair to the employees and your company. We'll also ensure that you comply with the relevant legislation, including disability discrimination legislation.
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Drug & Alcohol Testing

We can assist clients with the design and implementation of Drugs and Alcohol policies, including the provisin of testing services when required.  All our professional staff have been trained in both desktop and chain of custody drug testing through the sampling of urine, blood or hair.  We work with our colleagues in the testing laboratory to ensure a fast and efficient return of results which are screened by our nursing advisors and if required further follow-up or interpretation is carried out by Dr Black who has obtained his Medical review officer accrediatinon

"Blackwell Associates has been our occupational health provider for many years and has always provided a very professional and comprehensive service. The team is friendly, flexible and very responsive to our organisation’s needs."
- HR specialist at a leading energy solutions company, Northern Ireland.
Call Blackwell Associates on 028 9065 6131 to find out more about how to handle staff absenteeism in Belfast or across Northern Ireland.  

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